Workout time! Part 2

Who tried something new after reading my last blog? I love seeing what you do so post your workout pictures with the hashtag #grandmaswithmuscles and I’ll take a look!

Today I have a few more exercises for you, more of the ones that I love and regularly use myself.  If you missed the first workouts I posted you can find them here.  Also, before viewing the videos or taking part in any of the workouts, please read this disclaimer for a few useful thoughts and explanations.

Ok, are you ready?! We’re going to use the ball again for legs and core… you’ll feel this one!

Next we’re going to use my favorite piece of equipment, the Bosu ball. This is great for so many things!

Now we’re going to row – this is an amazing exercise!

What do you think?! Let me know, post those pictures!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the final videos in this series for you so check back then (or sign up to the right to get updates in your inbox)!

To Your Health!



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