grandmas with muscles

‘Zoodles’, ‘Zucchini noodles’, or Courgetti Spaghetti for you Europeans, are an amazing thing!  We eat them all the time and they are a great low carb, paleo, grain and gluten free alternative to regular pasta noodles.  You can make them really easily using this spiralizer.  I ordered mine on the spot when I watched Danielle Walker use one in a cooking demo and I love it!  You can get them at high end kitchen stores but some of the best prices are here on Amazon.  It has three settings so you make two sizes of noodles and ribbons.  I like them raw but my husband prefers them sautéed a little, they’re great both ways.

Here are some fun ways to use the spiralizer and some recipe ideas! It can be used for much for than just zucchini, you can use it to make sweet potato noodles, carrot noodles to add to a salad, cucumber ribbons, or even mini fries.

grandmas with muscles

Carrot Noodles

\Grandmas with muscles

Pesto ‘Pasta’


9 thoughts on “Zoodles!

  1. I just bought this when I saw your make zucchini. I can’t wait to try this. I’m thinking of lightly warming the zucchini, then putting a light pesto over it, with cooked wild salmon. I can’t wait! Thank Beni. 🙂

  2. I just made an awesome zoodles dish Put in a wok or fry pan green onions, garlic,celery, broccoli spears, all chopped up fry in a little oil until nearly soft not to soft I added half a tin mushrooms with all the liquid (use fresh mushrooms will need some liquid) 1tbls tomato paste and 2cut up tomatoes.Cook this together until a little soft to heat through then add zoodles to the pan and heat through add cheese when you serve it in bowls.

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  3. My daughter has celiac disease and hypothyroid. She loves her GF noodles but I have been looking forward to a better nutritional choice. My spirilizer arrived yesterday and I made zoodles for her. She loves them! Thank you for your information and a better choice for all of us.

  4. Beni, I’m interested in your routine regarding eating and exercise. What do you eat before exercise? What time do you exercise? What and when you do you eat after exercise? I’m still trying to find the optimum strategy for strength, digestion and replenishment.

    • Breakfast is a big one; (pre workout) my breakfast cereal most morning (it’s in about blog) topped with fruits. I also will make a green lemonade and add a vegan protein powder (you can find my protein powder on my IG account). Post is any kind of protein and kombucha or some form of an electrolyte drink. Kombucha or coconut water work great. I am a grazer so eating small every 2.5 hours works best for me then giving myself a 12 hour rest at night. Your metabolism needs to rest. Eating every 2.5 hours keeps that metabolism going all day long. So at night it’s good to rest it for 12 hours. Your body needs a chance to recalibrate

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