Healthy and Free: The Tools for Health

We have all been given the tools, by God, to live healthy and free lives.  I wanted to take a moment and share with you some of the ones I’ve learned along my journey, the ones that have really helped me learn to steward my life, health and body. So below I’ve outlined 6 of the major things that I try to incorporate into my life, and I hope they help you on your journey too.

Remember, these are guidelines and not rules. They are not to be followed perfectly, but rather, they are to use to help you and to help you take steps forward in your own way and time. Always give yourself grace and don’t be hard on yourself – this isn’t about perfection, it’s a journey.

So start small, and take one step at a time. Rely on the Holy Spirit to show you what steps you need to take now to better your health. He’s the best guide!


Get Hydrated

The Power of Sleep

Eat Clean

Get Moving

Detoxing for a Better Life

Nutritional Supplements


Get Hydrated!


  • Drinking water may be the single most important factor in a healthy lifestyle.
  • Our bodies are made of up 50-75% water.
  • Feeling thirsty is the first sign of dehydration but when our hydration drops just 1%, it begins to impair physical and mental abilities.
  • We need to be drinking (in ounces) half our body weight (in pounds). E.g. if you weigh 140lbs, that’s 70oz of water a day.
  • Every cell, bone, muscle, and ligament needs water to survive.
  • Water helps our bodies to:
    • repair DNA.
    • aid energy levels.
    • as a lubricating laxative, aiding in alleviating constipation.
    • prevent fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The quality of the water we drink is just as important as drinking it to start with! – In a government study, they found over 2000 chemicals in our drinking water alone.
  • Chlorine and fluoride (linked to cancer, organ decay, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and hypothyroidism) are the two most prevalent chemicals in our water.
  • Finding a good water filter will help your body tremendously!
  • Get your body alkalized! – An alkalized body is a disease free body.
  • Get alkalized by drinking warm lemon water every morning and throughout your day.
  • Water is the “Cash Flow” of your body!
  • Drinking water will improve your life physically, mentally, and emotionally!

The Power of Sleep


  • There are 4 stages of sleep.
    • Stage 1: Your brain begins to slow down and send theta waves, which helps clear and calm your mind.
    • Stage 2: This is a moderately deep sleep where your heart and vascular system slows down and your body begins to rest.
    • Stage 3: This is our deepest stage of sleep. Our breathing slows down, blood pressure drops, and our muscles and tissues begin to repair themselves.
    • Stage 4: This is our REM sleep. Our bodies and brains begin to recharge themselves with much needed energy.
  • Sleep helps our bodies to:
    • regulate our hormones, including Leptin and Ghrelin, two appetite controlling hormones.
    • restore and repair our muscles, which helps promote muscle growth.
    • clear and clean our brains, which promotes healthy brain and memory function.
  • The average adult needs 7.5-8 hours of sleep per day. Children and teenagers need around 10-11 hours.   Studies show that our bodies were designed to have two sleeps a day; one short sleep and one long sleep.
  • There are practical tools to help prepare your body for a restful sleep.  Here are a few:
    • Take a magnesium supplement an hour before going to bed. Magnesium helps the body and muscles relax.
    • Use essential oils lavendar, cedarwood, and xling xlang on the bottom of your feet.
    • Avoid carbs and sugars at least 3 hours before going to bed. If you must eat, have a little bit of protein before going to sleep.
    • Turn off all your electronics an hour before going to bed.
  • Sleep should not be considered a luxury, but a necessity!
  • Rest is what sets our bodies up to be successful while pursuing a life of health and wellness.

Eat Clean


  • Food should not be seen as a punishment or a reward for us. Food was designed to give us life and nourishment! Food should be celebrated and not feared! Eating clean is not about depravation. It is about nourishment!
  • The easiest way to clean up your diet is by eliminating all processed foods.
    • Eliminate refined sugar!
    • Some of the effects of refined sugar are:
      • Wreaks havoc on our bodies by straining the liver and pancreas.
      • Weakens our immune system
      • Accelerates aging
      • Causes type 2 diabetes
      • Has been found to be more addictive to substances such as drugs and alcohol
  • Healthy sugar alternatives:
    • Natural maple syrup
    • Organic local honey
    • Coconut sugar
    • Organic Stevia
    • Artificial sweeteners are NOT a healthy alternative to sugar. They have been linked to migraines, depression, memory loss, and even brain cancer.
  • Eliminate GMO’s!
  • What is a GMO?
    • GMO stands for “genetically modified organism.”
    • They are plants or animals created through the gene-splicing techniques of bio- technology.
    • This experimental technology merges DNA from different species, creating unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacterial, and viral genes that do not occur in nature or in traditional crossbreeding.
    • In the United States, more than 80% of many major crops are grown from genetically engineered seed and about 70% of processed foods contain GMOs.
  • So, what should we eat?
    • Studies have shown that diets rich in plant-based foods are the key to lasting health.
    • Plant based diets consists of fruits and vegetables with good sources of fats and protein.
    • Protein sources should come from grass fed and finished meat or whole plants like quinoa or beans.



  • “If exercise were a pill, it would be the most cost effective drug ever invented”
  • Our bodies were designed to MOVE. Living sedentary lives leads to body pain and aches, depression, brain fog, memory loss, and weight gain.
  • Benefits of Exercise include:
    • Increased Life Span
    • Disease prevention including:
      • High Blood Pressure
      • Heart Disease
      • Stroke
      • Cancer
      • Type 2 Diabetes
      • Osteoporosis
      • Metabolic Syndrome
    • Reduces risk of falling and improved cognitive function.
    • Prevents weight gain.
    • Improves heart, muscle and lung function.
    • Improves sleep.
    • Studies found that exercise helped long-term addicts break off addiction and depression when working out just three days a week.
  • Types of exercise:
    • Cardio – Helps strengthen the heart and lungs
    • Weight Lifting – Building muscle is essential for fat loss
    • Swimming – Helps build muscle as well as burn fat
    • Stretching – Helps detox our bodies as well as lowers cortisol levels
    • Walking – Essential for helping balance hormones

Detoxing for a Better Life


  • Our bodies were designed to naturally detox themselves. However, we are surrounded by toxic chemicals in our day to day life.
  • The air alone has 187 known man-made chemicals that we breathe in daily!
  • We can eat as healthy as we possibly can, yet we still will be bombarded with toxins
  • Signs of an over-toxic body:
    • Fatigue
    • Weight Fluctuation
    • Halitosis
    • Constipation
    • Smell Sensitivity
    • Muscle Pain
    • Abnormal Skin Reactions (acne, eczema, etc)
  • So how do we help our bodies eliminate these toxins?  We detox.
  • There are three major organs that need to be detoxed.
    • Start with the Colon
      • 90% of modern day disease starts in the colon.
      • A healthy colon has 2-3 bowel movements per day
      • Drink half your body weight in water and begin adding fiber rich foods to your diet.
      • Add healthy oils to help lubricate your intestinal walls (avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, etc.)
    • The Liver
      • Our second largest organ and is responsible for the breaking down and metabolizing of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids.
      • Also is responsible for detoxing our blood.
      • To detox, eliminate all processed foods, sugars, alcohol, and medication (be sure to consult your doctor before doing so).
      • Add dark green leafy vegetables to your diet such as kale.
    • The Skin
      • Our skin is the largest organ our body has!
      • It keeps everything in place inside our bodies.
      • Sweating is the key way to give our skin a good detox.
      • Sweat removes heavy metals, radioactive particles, and helps oxygenate the blood.
      • Skin brushing helps drain the lymphatic system.
    • More ways to detox your body:
      • Detox water
      • Juice Cleanses
      • The Daniels Fast
      • Stretching
      • Organic Detox Products
      • My favorite way… Grounding

Nutritional Supplements


  • The vitamins and minerals found in our nutrition are essential to survive and the majority of our vitamins and supplements should come from natural, whole, plant based foods.
  • However, adding additional supplements helps support our bodies as we go through the stressors of life.
  • Supplements I recommend for daily life:
    • Multi-Vitamins
    • Omega-3
    • Vitamin D
    • Probiotics
    • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Supplements I recommend for traveling:
    • Enzymes
    • Natural Calm (Magnesium)
    • Chlorophyll
    • Fiber
    • Melatonin
  • Supplements I recommend for athletes:
    • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
    • Vitamin B
    • Protein
    • Vitamin C
    • Coenzyme Q10
    • L-Glutamine
    • Quercetin
    • Fit aid


  • Remember, this is a journey.
  • Start small and take one step at a time.
  • Rely on the Holy Spirit to show you what steps you need to take now to better your health.



15 thoughts on “Healthy and Free: The Tools for Health

  1. Great post! Very in depth and to the point… I like it! So thankful for what you bring to the body of Christ. I kind of lean towards getting all or most of our nutrients from eating whole foods. Do you think we still need to supplement if eating a whole foods plant based diet?

  2. I’m so thankful for this information that you have been posted. Having lived my entire life doing the opposite im starting to see the negative impact it has been having on my weight, mood, skin and so many other areas. The Holy Spirit has recently been talking to both my husband and I about fixing this not only for ourselves but our children and teaching them the importance of looking after their temple. I must however say this has not always been easy, not only are we changing habits of about 25+ years but it’s amazing the amount of negativity we get from family members about us being fanatics or crazy and not enjoying life. However were praying that the impact living a healthy lifestyle will have one our lives as a family will be testimony enough. Thank you again for posting this information it really has helped us with things I knew nothing about. I also look forward to reading your book x

  3. Good morning Beni!

    I think I may have a Candida Overgrowth. What would you suggest for me to do?

    Blessings, Deb Kerwin

    Sent from my iPhone


    • candida loves sugar of any kind. Cut your sugar out and do green juices such as Green lemonade. you can google that. Use only a half green apple and no other fruit sugars.

  4. Beni, I admire you so much, besides a nutricionist you look like an awesome wife and mother. This is a great blog, I’m starting my vitamin D this week, recommended by my doctor, but I thought it wasn’t so important till I read your blog. I am lacking vitamin D, besides other things, like too much alumminium. Love you in Christ,
    Monica Levy Tyler

  5. I just read your book in a day, it encouraged me so much and spoke to where I am at. I am a mom of two kids and struggling with adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues after a very stressful year. Thank you for speaking out hope. I feel like with the Father’s guidance I can give myself the grace for this journey. Thank you. Did you find when you started healing your adrenals that sleep was elusive? It seems like a bad cycle. I can’t seem to get my nervous system to calm down enough for a restful sleep.

  6. I get confused as Dr Mercola says there needs to be a balance between alkalinity and acidity for water or it could be detrimental to our health. It should be between 6.5 – 8 PH he says???

    • Something from Dr Mercolas Article you might find interesting.
      Balance Is Key

      “As is true with many things, in the end it’s a matter of balance. Water that is too acidic or too alkaline can be detrimental to human health and lead to nutritional disequilibrium. This was demonstrated in a Swedish well water study,15 which found both pH extremes to be problematic. Your body simply was not designed to drink highly alkaline water all the time. So I believe it’s best to be VERY careful when it comes to something as foundational as the water you drink on a daily basis. If you get it wrong, you could really cause yourself some major damage. It makes sense that you are designed to drink water that occurs naturally, which excludes alkaline water with pH levels of 8 and above.

      And if you drink alkaline water all the time, you’re going to raise the alkalinity of your stomach, which will buffer your stomach’s acidity and impair your ability to digest food, as low stomach acid is one of the most common causes of ulcers. This can open the door for parasites in your small intestine, and your protein digestion may suffer. It also means you’ll get less minerals and nutrients over time – in fact, some of these health effects can already be seen in hardcore alkaline water drinkers. Alkalinity is also potentially a problem because it is antibacterial, so it could potentially disrupt the balance of your body’s beneficial bacteria.16

      Living Water

      What you want is pure water – water that is clean, balanced, and healthful, neither too alkaline nor too acidic. Ideally, the pH of your water should be somewhere between 6 and 8. And some of the most healthful waters in the world – that which emerge from mountain springs – are actually acidic in the range of 6.5 and would absolutely be my preference if it were readily available. This mountain spring water is ‘structured’ in a way that is not well understood. I hope to have more information about structured water in the near future.

      If this is something that interests you there is a web site,, where you can find springs in your local area. That is “living water,” which is living in the same way that raw food is “ living food .” One reason I am such an advocate for eating plenty of fresh, organic raw food is for its biophotons. Biophotons are the smallest units of light, which are stored in and used by all biological organisms – including you. Vital energy finds its way into your cells from the biodynamic foods you eat.

      In the same way that raw foods are alive with biophoton energy, natural water is “alive” in a similar way. If you really want to alkalinize your body, it would seem wise to encourage it with the highest quality water possible, which is obtained from vegetable juice. Green vegetable juices will help your body normalize your body’s pH naturally. If this is new to you and you are interested in more information, you can review my juicing manual for free. I cannot think of “living water” without thinking of the visionary work of Dr. Masaru Emoto , the Japanese researcher who experimented with the crystal forms of water. What he discovered is that different forms of energy influence water’s ability to organize into beautiful crystal forms.17

      He demonstrated that water crystallization depends on the natural health of the water. He found that water from natural springs, healing water sources, etc., formed beautiful and complex crystalline geometries – like snowflakes. Water that had been distilled or polluted lost its inner order, and its ability to crystallize was profoundly disturbed. You wouldn’t want to eat dead food… so why would you want to drink dead water?”

  7. Hello Beni,
    I am attending the eCourse and I love it. Thank you for doing this for us. I been wanting this info for years. Anyway my question to you is I seem to have imflamation in my body. I ate Brussels sprouts and looked 9 months pregnant. I am planning to do a food sensitivity test. I was wondering if you did one and if so how did you go about doing it? There is a online one where you prick your finger or a lab one. Which would you recommend? They are very pricey. I have a history of allergies and I have already seen allergiest but they don’t help me because they tell me the obvious allergy for example seafood where I know I have an immediate reaction. I want to know of the food intolerances that have a slower reaction. I have been eating healthy and exercising and haven’ t lost weight. I have switch my water to kangen water to where it is alkaline. I would appreciate any advice please. Thanks so much and please pray for me to overcome all this. I believe I will. 😊 Love you Beni!!
    Thanks again!

  8. Hi Beni,

    I’m so excited about this! I attended the Taste and See event in NYC last night, and it was great. I’m psyched about how God is showing us as His church how He’s intended us to conduct our physical bodies. I’m a dance teacher and personal stylist, and it’s also something He’s been speaking to me. I’m learning how the internal things He does pour out to even a change in the way we desire to carry ourselves and relate to food. Hearing about your work and how many ppl are being set free gets me even more excited!


  9. Thank you so much for your post, so inspirational and has certainly got me thinking about my lifestyle.

  10. Thank you for your post. I have found great information through the difference posts.
    I’m about to get into juicing ! . I’m trying to decided between a juicer or a vitamix blender ? I have looked for the vitamix blender but they have different models . Which one would you recommend?
    Thanks !
    Blessings 🙂

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