Finding your ‘WHY’


      Walking in Wellness is more than losing extra pounds. It’s about how you feel about yourself and how you feel inside. It has so much to do with your mental state. That’s why I like to start with what I think is the most important part of living healthy and that is knowing ‘WHY’ you are wanting to live healthy. I believe that if you start with this one idea it will put you in the right mind set for success.

     I was teaching a health class and I had a young man share his story about his journey toward wellness.  In 2006, he was 130 pounds overweight. Within the space of a week, his girlfriend of two years broke up with him and his doctor told him that he was a high-risk candidate for diabetes.  This was a turning point, forcing him to take an honest look at his life.  In those two cataclysmic moments of his life he decided that he didn’t want to be overweight anymore.  Not now, and not again.  He had to align his reason for wanting to get healthy with what he felt God had called him to do with his life.  This became his ‘why.’  I loved the concept of having a ‘why’ and adopted this way of thinking for myself.

    When people approach me searching for advice on the best way to get started on the healthy lifestyle, they expect me to tell them to cut out all sugar from their diet or to eat their weight in fruit and vegetables.  While I do advise eliminating sugar and eating a fair amount of green, leafy vegetables, my first piece of advice is to find the reason ‘why’ you are embarking on this journey.

    Ask yourself this – why do you want to get healthy? Why do you want to be strong?  Why do you want to lose weight? I think it’s important to know why you are doing what you are doing. My why to become healthy is because I felt like God told me to get well so I can be around for a long time. There have been more times than I can count when remembering my ‘why’ has given me the strength to push forward on my journey.  It’s much easier to say no to a milkshake, a burger with a large side of fries and my old beloved friend, the donut, because I know that they won’t help me stay true to my ‘why.’

    As you begin your own journey, I can’t stress enough the importance of finding your ‘why.’ I promise you that it will help get you through so many challenges along the way.  Maybe you want to become healthier because you’d like to be able to walk your daughter down the aisle at her wedding, or maybe you want your children to experience what it’s like to have a parent who can play with them.  Everyone has a different ‘why.’ Don’t wait until you are sick and have the doctor give you your ‘why.’

    Spring is here and everything is fresh and coming alive. I invite you to take a moment and do some soul searching. Find your reason, your why to your better health. It will be different from your friend or family member. Then, start setting some goals to match you why. Remember it’s your journey, your journey to wellness.



6 thoughts on “Finding your ‘WHY’

  1. Thank you for helping me keep my perspective of ‘why’!!! I’m going to be 64 in June and have served Jesus since 1972. I want to serve Him for another 40 years should He tarry!!! I have to be strong & healthy!! The anointing is heavy….the weight of His glory & presence!!! I have to be able to run with the horse!!! Thanks for all you do!!! Blessings to you & Bill. Praying for his speedy recovery.

  2. My husband and I recently moved to Redding from SoCal. God gave me the “why” I need to get healthy, which is to lose weight and start an exercise program. As I was looking for an OA meeting here in Redding (which I have never been to before), I was suddenly inspired to look on Bethel’s website, which is where I found grandmaswithmuscles. Perfect inspiration! I am looking forward to partnering in prayer and application.

  3. I love this post! Thank you so much for writing and posting this. I’m 20 years-old and this year I’ve been working hard to start my healthy journey. Lately, I’ve felt discouraged and overwhelmed about my goals. Granted if I don’t know my “why” how can I make the proper goals to help me? Once again, thank you for the post!

  4. You posted this on my birthday. I found my why. And Jesus is helping with the willpower. I’m 54 yrs old and down 40 pounds since May. I have a ways to go, but 40 pounds less than when I started!

  5. Once you know your Why, how do you determine the How? There’s so much information out there! I’ve struggled with hormone imbalances, metabolic damage, adrenal fatigue… and in my process to get healthy I feel overwhelmed by the options and uncertain as to what path to take.

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