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Welcome to Grandmas with Muscles! I’m Beni and I’m passionate about God and health.  I want to see everyone walk with health and be strong in body soul and spirit.  Be inspired!!


33 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Im so glad you have started this blog! I watch betheltv and admire your progress. I am 59 years old and really want to change the way I eat and exercise. thank you for being an inspiration

  2. Hi Beni
    Michelle from Texas. Thank you for pursuing your health goals and making the decision to go public. I am 55 and have four grandchildren of my own. I teach RN students and jog however, I know incorporating weights are very important to my body at this age. You have inspired me to go further and for this I am so very grateful…. I am a member of Bethel TV and so Blessed because of it. Thanks God! and thanks Bethel family!~

  3. Hi Beni. Just heard you speak in CLT. Thanks for the blessing!! Could you please post your thoughts & suggestions for healthy fasting (can it be?)?

  4. It’s just a shame that you preach such a watered down, self-help gospel. Here’s hoping your heart catches a hold of the robust freedom of a cross centered gospel and not a me centric gospel…I know this comment will be erased along with all the others who try to voice some truth. It’s obvious who the god of Bethel is: health, weatlth, prosperity and paleo and everything in between. i personally would rather be expended for the sake of the gosepl and to be able to suffer well, by his grace and in eternity to be able to say, “The Lord gives an the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord…” Oh I forgot, you guys don’t read Job.

    • Sad for you. Trying getting a life and living it well for God. And you don’t know me. So, stop judging and thinking you do know me

      • Beni I just love you, I think you are an amazing woman and all of you at Bethel have inspired and helped me countless times, as I live my christina life on the other side of the world. I’m sure you’ve suffered a plenty, I hear nothing self help in your gospel, neither do I hear anything me centric, and I can clearly see who your God is…your beloved Jesus. You keep being you, because you help so many women around the world. Thank you darling darling woman.

  5. Hi Benni, I am far away in NZ and very much respect your husband and his teaching via Betheltv/podcasts. I have just turned 49, am healed after 16 years chronic illness, (thank you God), and wanting to live the best I can for my Lord. I have heard you speak a little and liked what I heard (mostly re health), so here I am to learn some more from a wise women of God.

  6. Hi Benni I live in QLD Australia.
    I am a grandma of two boys turning fifty this year looking forward to sharing life and being inspired

  7. Hi Beni – wanted to ask you if you knew of any alternative products to treat Hashimoto’s disease? Beyond going gluten free and staying away from the food you mention above. Anything would help for my mom (age 60). Thank you & God bless.

  8. I just read your article in Joyful Living. I have never really thought about a long range “why” about my weight or health. Thank you.

  9. Beni, I appreciate your journey so much! You inspire me on many fronts. I’m following your site eagerly as I reach deep for my own health and wholeness. I’m looking forward to your book coming out. Blessings and life in abundance to you! xoxo

  10. Hi Beni, Tomorrow will be my start to my life change. I have tried many times. It’s always my prayer and always on my mind. I am a grandma and so sick of being on pills, pills I can live without if I can change my life style. Just found this sight. I had no idea. Thank you for encouraging us.

  11. Beni, thanks for starting this blog and for being willing to share your life with us on line. I’m looking forward to joining in the pursuit of health.

  12. Hi Beni,
    I’m a women’s ministry leader in England and it’s wonderful to see a pastor’s wife helping to inspire people in the way you do with health and wellness! I try and model healthy living/exercise/alternative health and sometimes feel a bit out on my own!! It’s really encouraging for me to see you ministering in this way!

  13. I am so thankful and proud of you Beni for your commitment to guide, help, love and mother us in some way, thank you for being an inspiration to others!

  14. Thank you for sharing all of this pertinent information, Beni. I came to faith in Jesus during recovery from severe adrenal fatigue several years ago, and God has used what I thought was the end of me for good. I am now an intercessor and work in healing prayer ministry. I am also a nutritional therapist and help others on their journey to reclaiming their health. I healed using Scripture as medicine, through rest, taking Standard Process supplements, and a Paleo/WAPF diet. It took time, nearly two years, but today I am healthier than ever before. Please continue to share about your journey. I know it will help many!

  15. Warning: this could potentially be a rather long and wordy post!
    I just started reading your new book Beni, thank you for writing it! To be honest I wasn’t even going to purchase it as I am a 2 years+ Paleo-health enthusiast and cook, (when I was diagnosed with Hashi’s), I lead the Sozo ministry at our church (I live in Maine but have been out to Bethel for trainings, etc. many times) and have been in the fitness-dance field almost my entire 60 year life!
    I know this may sound weird, but I feel like I am like you a bit in the things that you carry (a well-know speaker actually prophesied that she saw you when she looked at me and my husband’s name is Bill as well, haha!) especially when it comes to health and prayer. So this morning when I was sitting before the Lord I felt like I heard Holy Spirit tell me to buy your book to use for a Lifegroup at our church. Like you, I soooo want to see the Bride of Christ live in the freedom and potential Jesus died and paid for.
    *And to address the comment above about you preaching a self-centered gospel, how can we reach the lost/bless the poor if we can’t even get out of bed or are struggling just to survive ourselves?
    So bless you Beni, don’t ever stop sharing this message of health and hope!

  16. I just saw you on the Sid Roth show. It was 2:30am and I couldn’t sleep. (Not unusual for me). Through you the Holy Spirt touched my heart. I am quite obese, 74 yrs. Old and have health problems because of my obesity. I want to thank you. I ordered your dvd’s and book. I know that the Holy Spirit had me see this tv program. May Jesus bless you abundantly. I am starting my journey to good health.

  17. I saw you on Daystar talking to Marcus and Joni Lamb. I really enjoyed the interview. I wanted to know if you are on Linkedin. I was unable to locate you

  18. I saw you on Daystar TV with Marcus n Joni lamb and was so encouraged. I am 59yrs old and have always believed in “you are what you eat”. At my age now I am needing to step it up a notch so you have provided me with the tools, PTL!! I also sense the Holy Spirit moving so I can be ready for what’s ahead. Thanks for Truth, it brings freedom!

  19. Beni, I’m very much enjoying Healthy and Free, in drinking water, I like my water soda streamed, you say coffee isn’t considered as part of my water, but would soda streamed water be considered as my water? Thank you ahead of time for your answer, and God Bless You”

  20. Beni: I just wanted to say that through your book and your transparency – YOU SAVED MY LIFE. Through your chapter on adrenal fatigue, I was able to talk to my Dr (who we’ve been trying for YEARS to figure out what was going on with me) and show her ALL the symptoms of it. She agreed, did the bloodwork, and BAM – ANSWER to the mystery! THANK YOU! At least now there is an answer and how GOD is working with me on my eating habits, choices, and getting healthy. I’m also able to teach my son good eating habits and foods (he’s 7) and being healthy and whole the way God intended us to be. There are NOT enough words to properly thank you for your book and how God used you to speak to my heart… May He richly bless you as you continue this journey and as you inspire others.


  21. Hi!
    At one point I believe you may have posted a recipe for a muscle rub made with essential oils. I made it once as a gift and my friend said it worked awesome…. would you happen to still have that recipe posted somewhere?
    Thanks for your help 🙂

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