Workout Part 1

I love to workout!  It’s a regular part of my life when I’m at home and when I’m on the road.  I think it’s an important part of stewarding our bodies for the long haul, and it’s fun!  Any movement is good, just getting out and going for a short walk regularly will do wonders but as a lot of you have been asking about my workouts and what I do in the gym, I wanted to show you what I do. I’m excited to share a few videos with you and I’ll be posting more over the next few days so keep an eye out!

[**Before watching the videos or reading the rest of this post, please take a moment to read over this Health Disclaimer.**]

Ok, let’s get started!

First up we’re getting on the foam roller for some core, chest and tricep work.

Next up we’re on the ball with some weights for some chest, legs and core.  The ball is great to make you balance, and therefore engage your core.

I’ll have some more for you tomorrow but enjoy these to start and as always, to your health!





17 thoughts on “Workout Part 1

  1. Thank you so much!! I’ve been wanting something simple to do that will build my core – something not as intense at P90X!! 🙂

  2. Beni! This is awesome! I am purchasing my home equipment TODAY and using these videos as my tutorial!! Very excited! I am starting with 1 and 3 lb weights! I hope to work my way up to your GUNS someday!!! 🙂 Thank you for the effort and inspiration! I have a LONG way to go and it can feel overwhelming at times staring at the mountain in front of me. Words can not express how grateful I am for your willingness to share your journey and for sowing seeds of encouragement and motivation! It helps me stay focused on what are healthy and loving choices towards myself in the present moment and empowers me to focus on just my feet – putting one in front of the other -trusting that one day I will reach the top of that mountain! Here’s to your health Beni!! Keep it comin’ sister! 🙂 xo Tiff S.

  3. This is great Beni! I love that this can be done at home with little equipment. So encouraging – thank you! Keep em coming 🙂 I also like that you’re breaking the workouts down so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming at first.

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  6. In exercise 1, is your head on the roller or on the floor? I appreciate your desire to see us get healthy! Thanks, Janet

  7. Hi Ms. Beni, I was wondering if it’s ok to work out in the evening vs. working out during the day? or can I do both depending what the day has for me? appreciate your response…love & blessings*

  8. Love your workout. I’m 54 and I feel better now than ever. I was just at bethel for a conf. You look amazing. I have been following your blog and also on twitter. Actually I went to sky restaurant when I was in cal because I saw it on you twitter. You inspire me. Also I love your wakey Wakey DVD. Thank you for sharing. I will definitly be following these work outs.

  9. I too would like to know what size and also kind of roller (length). There are so many types and different materials they r made out of. Thank you.
    Terry Dougherty

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